Wet Smiles

It can’t be real

It’s unbelievable
How easy this is
To bring you
Into my sway

I like the certainty, I guess
As anyone would
The absolute awareness
Of the other direction

The faster I move
The harder it is to see my hand
Beyond the fear of pain
I am free
To see
The rocks as I fall

It’s unbelievable
How tragic this is
My broken heart a mess
A miss
The empty place
A bag of bones
A simple wish
An endless kiss
It never ends like this
It never ends

Romantic madness
Calling me to cradle it
Breaking through the thick skin
The lies
Don’t stick

Could be now
Breaking doors down
The crown bows down
When no man is found

Has it all been in my head?

My interestingly flawed
Meat suit
Has no pursuits

Its only goal
To be set loose



  1. Your observances really are of high quality. But not only this, you certainly possess a special imitativeness to transcend your observances into powerful prose. And I can’t see you taking this gift lightly, but with considerate sobriety and responsibility. Looking forward to more!


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