The Kids Are Not Alright

The Boy Next Door

I met a little boy
That wandered in the streets
I looked at him
And to the side
And realized that he had cried
A thousand lonely years

I’ve seen this little boy
Around this place before
With a boot on his head
And his face on the floor

Little boy
Social toy

Hold him down
Ignore the screams
Force his words
Construct his dreams

A child green was he
Sees the show, but doesn’t see
The truth of what is meant to be
Just a boy was he
You see
He lived a boy reality
He still believed he could be free
With no idea what free might be

I walked with him
The sun was dim
The day was long and grey
The boys grey eyes
Were deep sad eyes
Reflecting mirrors of the skies

He didn’t like the unknown spies
Or practised lies
And really didn’t quite know why

We walked into the silent dark
We touched the world but left no mark
This boy and I
We ventured far into the dark
And found an aged, enchanted park

We passed through gates of rusted brass
The change became like broken glass
Thereafter through the gateway
When the boy and I did pass

This place was not a place to find
On any street of any kind
It was a place that was not real
Could not be real
What it revealed
Were thoughts concealed
Could not be real

A million faces not quite there
Floated silent in the air
Faces of the boy
His joy
Silent faces
All his places
Of the boy

I realized then he’d never spoke
He never said
He didn’t like creeping rage
Inside his head
The bitter souls that push him down
That chain him down
And force his frown
He never said they led him on
‘Til he was gone
So he could fit
Where someone else thought he should sit
He never said
They raped his head

He never said…

But he was just a boy
In innocence, in helpless joy
Just a perfect boy
Who took away his joy?
Who could think he was a toy…

The boy became a brilliant light
Beside me he grew blinding bright
Burst into the violet night
The boy became a mindless sight

And through the light a form came through
At once I knew
That it was true
I hit my knees and bowed
Before his eye of truth

Manifesting thought
Please say you say I’m not
It’s really not
Exactly what I thought I sought
Forgive me now
For I know not.

How can it be?
The father
The feeder
Of all of this rot
The poor boy’s predetermined spot
Can it be me?
Can’t you see?
How can it be
We didn’t see
A little boy drowning
In our sea
Of madness

The eye of truth, it frowned
The faces of the boy came down
Into the one
Forsaken son
The riddled boy revealed
His truth now peeled
His fate was sealed
It all came into one

A light exploded in his eyes
A thousand lonely years he cried
Into the dancing, haunted skies
He reached out blind to find his heart
But didn’t understand the art
And in his fury
In his rage
He tore his very soul apart



  1. Everything just started becoming sadder and sadder from “social toy”, and what’s ironic is that the phrase is playfully detached. Broke my heart, in a beautiful way. Wonderful piece. Bravo!

    (Also, A+++ The Who reference 🙂 haha)


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