Johnny Was Afraid Of Being Alive And Too Afraid To Die

Johnny Was Afraid Of Being Alive And Too Afraid To Die



    1. Haha. I think I probably tried a dozen times over 15 years before it finally stuck. 4 or 5 years now, not even a drag since the day I quit. I’ll have a cigar with some scotch on gentleman’s club nights, but otherwise…

      It was hard. Quitting is the easy part, but damn, the cravings…they last for years. WTF is really in those sweet little sticks!?


      1. exactly John. Been trying a lot of times to quit but it’s hard. I was able to manage to lower down the sticks consumption from 20 sticks to 10. I wish i just quit just like what you did.


      2. Cutting down is a good start, but honestly, nothing is really going to make it easy. There will never be a day when it’s better than today.

        Example: You get really sick for 2 weeks and CAN’T smoke the entire time. It gets you past that initial crazy hump of anxiety, but then you recover…and bam. You’re smoking again. It’s the long haul that’s important. Sticking with it, even on the rough days when you really want one or you’re going to lose your mind. Those moments when you say “fuck it” are the ones that get you.

        You really have to want to stop. You can think about it, talk about it, wish you could do it, but none of it really helps. You just have to do it, and stick to it. Permanently. If you think you might fail, or give in, you already have.

        I always liked smoking, as much as I hated it – which pretty much made it impossible to quit. When I finally succeeded, I REALLY wanted to quit. I forced it. No matter how much I wanted a drag, I demanded my will be stronger than my addiction. If I failed I had to admit that a plant got the better of me, and I couldn’t accept that. I had to constantly remind myself why I quit and how shitty it made me feel when I was smoking. i knew I could do it and I refused to fail – and holy fuck! It worked.

        Still, I could talk BS all day, and try to help. It doesn’t really help. It mostly just pisses smokers off. I’m no ex smoker nazi, though, on a campaign to make everyone quit. I even let friends smoke in my car…sometimes, with the window down.


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