Pretty Lies For Tombstone Eyes

I’ve been to a thousand worlds and back,
and still, you don’t seem to understand me –
but thanks for the polite agreement.

I like you, too.

A thousand words to a blank wall –
a distant void echoes the want
to make some lethargic effort to swallow the symbols I’ve laid before you.

But you have nothing to offer in return,
relapse into uncertainty.

There is fear.

I caress your unknown danger,
try to coax you,
inspire, ignite, come alive, love!

You recoil in silence and imagine demons eye in my mind with shaky hands –
then run away,

Your heart drowning.
(Deeper and deeper, with age, into the well it sinks.)

Goodnight, my love.
I won’t be seeing you again…

I am at a loss.
Am I losing?
I don’t know what that means.

I share blindly, my symbol,
my mark to be noticed,
singing to your silence like a mad clown,
and you might be blind and dumb as far as I know.

I make you up in my head,
the fantastic possibility,
a seed in your mind I can smell and I stay there,
painting your face on the pure root to make you beautiful again.

If only you could be here with me, in the light of your heart.
How about next Wednesday,
8:00 PM.

I’d like to tell you that you’ll never leave again,
but it’s not so easy as that.
You’ll never want to leave.

But you will.

And again – until you learn.


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