Pop Star Lobotomy

You’re killing me
With buzz words
So casually and carelessly
So cowardly
You speak to me

With malice
And mask it
Hoping I will never ask it
Hoping I will look right past it

Bastardized and basking
In painted eyes that shine while cracking

You’re killing me
With TV words
Popular and picked clean
So cowardly
You speak with ease

Wear my words
The way you heard them
Make them yours
Repeating them until it hurts
Until the meaning bleeds from them
Until the cliche forms and then
We all join in and sing the hymn

Put it on the internet
A meme, a cancer
Painted answer
Copied ’till it’s cold and dead

Speak your mind
And make it mine
Please speak your thoughts
And put them in my hands to rot

Don’t use your words
Transform the trends
With my words in your hands
And I’ll pretend they’re yours




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