We Painted The Sky With The Lust In Your Eyes

Have we mentioned anything about the old truck in that field up north,
abandoned by its maker and truest love.

It was a moment of grace when she slipped through my fingers
into the diamond sky of fear
screaming mad words into the mouth of joy.

Tomorrow we will see with codes and symbols
that all we have touched with our hands,
my god
we will see that beast in the eyes of our carrion love,
hungry for young meat,
our hands touching,
feeling for light,
shaping the face of the greatest monster of all,
our hands.

For a promise of love,
we will murder the whole world.

We like what you’ve done with the place.



    1. Thank you kindly, Sister Madly. I am honoured to have captured your interest and attention. 🙂

      I must admit, I don’t spend much time here reading other works, unfortunately. I don’t, in fact, read much poetry at all.

      However, when I do come here, I always return to your site to see what new adventures you have created. It’s very rare to find such interesting and entertaining writing – and even more so to find such gems with an occasional delicious prize at the end.



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