Mother Is The Name For God On The Lips And Hearts Of All Children

Mirror mirror
See me clear and
Tell me I am not the man
My mother fears

Mother, dear
You helped me steer
Through waves of fear
Uncertainty, confusion, tears
For all those years

You alone
Raised the man
Who makes his home
A humble poem

My friends respect me
Trust and love me
Honour and integrity
Are part of me
Because you taught me
Not to harm
Or cause another’s misery

Consideration, empathy
Compassion trust and honesty
Values that you built in me
And now I make no enemies

I greet the day
An honest fool
My world for you

I will stray
Into places
Far beyond my name
Your ways

You may not understand
The playground where I choose to play
No matter how far
I stray
You’re with me, in me
Every day

Bound by flame
Love will never die, they say
A mother’s love will never lie
It fosters courage
I will need to choose the hard way
Not tomorrow, but today

Thank you, mom
You’re always the kick in the bum
I need

You never force
You plant a seed
You make me strong
And now I’m free
To be the thing
So many people fail to be


Thank you, mom
My love for you
Until the very end of time



      1. Oh, sorry, didn’t realise that connection. Well then, beyond that my remark I’d shorten it to simply “motherlove” – operating in both directions, of course. 🙂 Nicely phrased an written adoringly.


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