I Tried To Be God But I Was A Dog

Soft, uncertain gaze
Cast in bronze
To haunt my days
Waiting for me to be
Something better

A unicorn is born
A thousand ways
But never stays
To play
The mythic bronze flame
Of her gaze
To green

A shy wink and she is gone

Looking for her
Through a magic window
In the dark
The night is bright
But I am blind
Without her spark
To guide me

No one told me
The unicorn is never real
It cannot love
It doesn’t feel

A monster is mean
It will fuck me in my dreams
Until there’s nothing left but screams

And when I wake I’ll try to be
A fantasy not meant for me

Don’t kid yourself
Nothing will save you

Not guns or wealth
Not tricks or health
Count on yourself
Or be doomed to a hell
You’ll inflict on yourself

Just joking
Don’t tell
Don’t feel so well
I need to lay down

It’s so hard
To paint this frown
It took so long
To fall down

Just look away
And never tell

The unicorn is haunting my hell
Stealing coins from wishing wells
Impossible inside my shell
The fantasy is making me
Impossible it can’t be me

The horn is penetrating me
Her eyes are lost inside of me

My mind has walked away from me

I will not be
The dream

I’ll never be

I’ll close my eyes
And never see
I’ll seal my mind
And never be
The unicorn
Your fantasy
Of me

I’ll show you all the things
That you’re hoping not to see

Remember now
For when I’m gone
You won’t remember me


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