Dead Horse

Water, steam to ice is Jesus
Pleases us
To see change in the seed
The tree of need blooms in heat
And we are free to feed
So we do…

It pleases us
To see the water change to steam
To burn
Free of form
To be
To release
And never be seen again

It pleases us
To think of Jesus
Makes it easier

To repeat that trip to the dirty pit
To embrace that grim and morbid trick
Of self-destruction
Bags of fun
To be forgiven

I know not…

Circles and cycles and spirals and knots
I’d sell my soul but it’s long been bought

I’ve seen it all

I don’t believe a thing I’ve thought
Swimming through this swamp of rot
I cannot


Circles and spirals and cycles and knots…


One comment

  1. May be another injunction of Jesus might be of help: “Go not into any way of the Gentiles, and enter not into any city of the Samaritans: but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Mt. 10:5-6, Holy Bible, American Standard Version)


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