We Drink to Loosen Our Tongues

She was a step to the side from my flaccid mind
Tossing cookies like a hybrid junkie hungry for the real love
The stuff filled up to the brink of that empty, deep sad
Please take me away from that place where I see myself
I want to see your idea lead me to the flower that blooms

There’s too many goddamn romantics in this world
Who’ve never been in love

Splitting hairs over the nuances of a bad eye
Shifty move on the lovers left moves him wrong
Catches his step and holy fuck his path is changed forever
The bad eye off to the west lurching in disjointed sight
Dust or some bug fucker hit him right in that broken orb

Gypsy pair glazed in the sun with Spanish songs in one lung
There’s a man who lived out there on the other perch for years
No one ever said he was an asshole ‘cause no one ever said much
A shallow, hazy smile cast loosely on the infringement of space
Like the fear of wisdom had painted the face of a sad clown

There’s too many goddamn romantics in this world
Who have never been in love

Don’t pursue happiness, money feels better in the groin, they say
A message I carved, then pointed out in the palm of your hand
Exploit your strength like a graceful machine sucking gentle
Like a baby on a tit, milking the secret with the seed of appetite
Laugh aloud; laugh real loud and I will hear the sound like rain

Feathers of a flock fly furious and fucking fast when they’re lost
Beeline forward tricks the wind to circles tricks the beeline
Forced direction is a carving tool, a bloody knife, an imaginary line
To be paved into the bewildering garden, a tomb to hide our fear
A carnival of precision and glorious, fantastic celebration – a mask

There’s too many goddamn romantics in this world
Too hungry to feel love

The night every sun in the universe was the blood of God
Gathering children like dust to bring all things to be born of light
The marriage of fear and longing in the eternal face of darkness
It was a dream once; just like that time I kissed your mouth
And saved you from taking your own path

Brown medium to rare to perfect balance takes focused precision
Mind to time, to feel rhythm and sense progress
Embrace the future with an easy dick and a happy heart
I’m doing it now and it smells better than the feast I’ve seen of you
Perfect pitch, every time. It’s amazing that you learn wrong so well

I am alive; I know who I am, until you walk into the room
She leaves. A perfect smile. My cock weak and tender between me
A thousand endless words to distract me from the music. The background
I know who I am. I don’t want to escape. There’s no need. I’m free
My self-control is your control over me. Your control is the word I share with mine

Why’s there so many goddamn romantics in this world
Who have never been in love.


One comment

  1. “Why’s there so many goddamn romantics in this world
    Who have never been in love.” Those words are so true. For some it Is the idea only. Maybe when one is young, it is definitely right, because the innocence of first love is more pure and untainted. Now, if one goes on to spend a lifetime with that unrequited romantic love, then it is real. That is only my opinion and experience; it is different for most.


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