Naked Summer

Blue shimmering horizon
Skin cascading against the light

I am golden

I am floating deeper
Warmer than and
Stronger and
Breathing cleaner

Sun setting on our smiles

Lounging beyond the rocks
Beneath the heat
The cool depths
Kissing our toes
As we float on…

Emerald sparkle
To ride the waves
To the secret place
To take us all
To that special space
To swim in the
Blue mirror

The sun splashes
Across the surface
Exploding diamond ripple
From the sky
Washing our eyes
With fortune
And gorgeous motion
In the endless wake
Of the winds of change

Who could have known
That the cliffs of old stone
Would go beyond
The surface

Who could have known
That the pain of tomorrow
Could be washed of its sorrow
With yesterday’s diamonds

Today is an island
We dive in the water
And swim for the high lands



    1. This was my couple weekends ago. Lovely Muskoka – sparkling lakes, ancient stone cliffs, cold beer and bugs. First time I’ve been swimming this summer. Wrote this piece late in the night, blurry eyed and wobbly. Had to translate it the next day. Fairly certain I got it right. Mostly.


      1. Midnight writings are always the best- sober or not. 🙂

        Any fireflies up there? I miss fireflies most of all….


      2. I didn’t see any fireflies this time. I did, however see some here in Kitchener recently. Why do you miss fireflies? Do you live in a great, concrete tomb of a city?


      3. In fact, I do live in a city, or close to one. But I haven’t seen fireflies since I moved from Michigan. There just aren’t any out West 😦


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