This Is For The Time I Forgot You Existed


I am your unspeakable madness

Whispering sad tricks in the wind

I am your untouchable magic

Forgotten in the silence

Of your secret skin

I am your true face in laughter

I am a mask for all after

You’ve been guessing my name

Like a master

Every time getting closer to pasture

My beef with you

Has always been

How easy

You fall


Forgotten painting on the wall

Do you remember me at all…

That moment when we meet

On the streets

With so many years between

And you’re looking at me like you’ve seen


And I’m looking at you

Wondering who is looking at me

Like they know me

And you

An intangible force to live on

Past the shedding of the shape and weight

Of the long days gone

My universe

What am I

In your universe



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