Love Letter


She bleeds in innocence
An anime
There’s a sparkle in the way
She looks at me
With those bronze eyes
Wide and reflecting questions
Waiting for acceptance

She has a child in her eyes
So excited that I’ve looked her way
So quick to jump into almost anything
She doesn’t realize
Until it’s far too late
She needs to check for hooks
Before she takes the bait

She is the cutest thing
A swirling dancing anime
The way she claps her hands
And bounces up and down for me
With those bronze eyes
Wide and shining questions
Waiting for acceptance


So many things she’s never seen
She hid behind a screen
When she was young
And never came out to play

Never had friends
To let her know
That she was okay

She hid behind a screen
And stayed green
To the ways of the world
To the ways of you and me

Precious naive anime girl
Grew up and was cast out into our world
Not prepared for how cruel
Her friendly neighbours really were
Behind the masks they made so damn sure
Were absolutely perfect and tightly secured
For her

She believed in their goodness anyway
Every day
She made excuses for everyone
For everything
She accepted everything
Without thinking
She did everything
Without thinking

She made everything

I’m so stoned
That I can sing with my bones
My mind is a tome
Of lost words and lost worlds
Yet I am still in control

She is painting a picture from her phone
And suddenly looks to me and asks,
“Where is my phone?”
Stone cold sober

Her mind is a tome
But it’s never home


Sweet sweet girl
Has never harmed a thing in this world
The sweetest thing
Is the song that comes from the heart of this girl


Her sadness
Held quiet in secret denial
She kicks it around like a rag doll
In a shell
Her wounds make her stronger
But broken

Anxiety carried like a token
Of all the bad days gone

Bronze eyes gone blank
Old stains
Dumb mistakes
The days age
Faster than we think


This little princess girl
She never grew up
The cutest thing in all the world
Dreaming like a child still
Hoping that the morning will
Magically bring something better

Magically hoping


She doesn’t know what it’s like
To have a friend
Someone who would be there at the end
Of anything
If you needed them

She doesn’t know how it feels
To not have a wall
To not have a doubt
To be lost in a cloud (crowd)
And not afraid to fall

She doesn’t know how it feels
To not be afraid at all

Sometimes I fear
When I hold her near
If I give her the world
If I open the door
Will she only want more
And become a whore
Like the rest of us

Power corrupts
Even the best of us


Bronze eyes ask why
Bleed innocence for all of us
We need it
Our angry hatred is poisonous

Bronze eyes still shine
Even after the worst of us
Have abused her goodness
And fed on her weakness
Leeches feeding on the meek
With tea and biscuits
As if
That makes it alright


She dreams in innocence
But bleeds
Between the knees
She carries seeds
Hoping someone will see
The garden she wants to grow
Amidst all this disease

She dreams in song and dance
She sleeps away her needs
Takes her secret self
And hides it on a hidden shelf
And when she wakes again
She lives her life for me

She gives her life for me

Sleeping beauty


The sweetest little Princess weeps
Let’s hope and dream that
When she wakes she’ll be a queen
And all the world will stop to see
Her beauty


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