My Mind Through Your Eyes Is Your Mind

I can’t remember all the time I’ve wasted
Doing something else
Nothing else

A careless spill
And without direction
A reason

My full intention
To speak
To frame the train wreck
In your window

For your eyes only
Secret stamp of approval
Begs acceptance
Expects performance
Lives up to the hype

Then dies
Like all things

A spiral in an endless state of entropy

Will you do what I want from you?

My train of thought
Went off the tracks
It built a home where it stopped for snacks
And never came back

Stop. Full stop.
No return

There is no easy release
That won’t fall into pieces
Blindly attempting to understand freedom

Trying too hard
Compromise is the lie of the blind
To justify the sacrifice
Of the wild card

A silent mind is not the same as quiet time
A wolf doesn’t cry to the world to pass time
Solitude isn’t torture to every mind
Nothing is as it seems
(they say)
(who are they?)
There is always more
Than you saw before
You looked away

Torment is as easily a presence as a lonely cry
As easily a present as a way to die
Remember why
The mirror isn’t the same behind the other eye
And the mirror never lies

It never tries

I want
When I cannot

(Wicked children
Out in the streets
Playing ball hockey
Shooting at me
It’s only their fingers
But murder’s the seed)


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