He Was A King Before She Poisoned His Heart

I feel like a monster
Full moon burning through thin skin
I hold it in
But it’s so much stronger

It doesn’t wait at all any longer

Thoughts of you are bathed in anger
Disappointment, rage and danger
I don’t know how to reconcile
All this poison, all this bile
Built up by years
Of fighting off your fears
For you

Twilight is tricky
Bleeding into whispers
Oh so quickly
Everything changes

I love you on your good days
The every day
Is other ways
All the time
You remind me why I hate

You play games
To put me in my place
You toy with me with many faces
To see the way I’ll react
To your eyes

The lies…
I didn’t realize
Until today
The reality of the game
We’re playing

I didn’t realize
It was a game

My heart is plagued by hatred
Every day the anger breaks me
Traffic, shopping, you-
it grates me
Every chance of love to grace me
Turns out ugly

How long until you truly face me

That moment of love is so elating
Before you break me
My fantasy
Remind me of my hatred
And the truth to be
The reality of nothing
Between you and me

Human nature breeds misery
Break free, motherfucker



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