Sucker For A Pretty Face

The snow is an empty canvas
A long blanket of deception
Unbroken and clean before me
Calling out in voiceless whispers
To be embraced in its cold forever

It wants to bury me

I cannot help but want it
To touch
To break that smooth purity
To make it flawed
Like me

It will swallow me
If I allow it
Take me into its deepest sleep
Frozen in time
Like a secret waiting to be revealed

It will swallow me
To hold itself together
And when it fades
I will be left alone
A shell
To crumble into dust
At the first touch

I cannot help but want it
Weak and desperate
I reach out, warm and trembling
Sinking my fingers into its cold beauty
Knowing it will destroy me

Deep in winter’s bone I will break
And when spring reveals my fate
I will seep into the earth
And spread the poison of my birth
So that my mistake
Is painted on the world to say
Don’t go this way

Be brave
Be true
Don’t go this way
Or be seduced into my grave


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