You’re So Passive (Like Smoke I Can Put My Hands Through You)

Broken strings of light
Piercing blindness
Dynamic strings
Connect the web
The flow and ebb
Of chemistry
Are masked by kindness

My needs to your feet
Humble treaties of peace
Stumbling to be
Free to please and be pleased
Stumbling to see
The secrets
Kept to keep me
On my knees at your feet

To build the chemistry clean
To keep the strings tied between
To keep us together

We hide where we bleed
So the other won’t see
That we’re broken and weak
Disappointed and meek
Feign happiness to be
Part of the tapestry
That binds us
So delicately

We hide what we’ve done
With concealed loaded guns
Hoping to keep it light hearted and fun
Hoping to not disappoint anyone
Deceiving ourselves in the light of the sun…

But broken shafts of light break through
The masks I made to share with you
I hide my eyes
When I think you won’t like
What I’ve done

And all those times I dropped the ball
Because I was weak or afraid to fall
All that weight I should have carried
Will be found one day
Because dirt won’t stay buried

The frailty of relationships
Balancing uncomfortably
On the tenderness of the human ego
To be part of something

Holding it all together
With internal deceptions…


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