77 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

Sitting back with an old friend

Golden pints shine
In the light that our eyes find
Dancing in white comfort-
That freedom you find
In the absence of lies-

Talking of old times

A lost moment, passing day
Amazing how different
Perceptions of a shared moment can be
Things my old friend would say
To show me that same old day
In a way I hadn’t seen
Yet the same

X and Y witness Z
But what stays with X
Is not what is inside Y’s head

So when X and Y witness Z
Z is more
Than what both of them see

Haha. Hurray. Fucking sweet.


A moment is an infinite equation
Forever changing
By enquiring minds
And time

When you go to sleep tonight
Will you know how much of an impact
You’ve had on my life?

Will I know?


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