Science! And Other Acts Of Violence

All things are chemical.

Composition in harmonious unification.
A fountain of perfect motion,
all the universe in exact reaction
to all elements of being.

It’s a huge party,
and everyone is cool,
dancing without effort,
liquefying bold and constant
in a singular movement,
a collective idea collected as one
and brought into action.

The massive result of combined reactions
acting individually,
driven by the same force,
the same need.

Life –
life and all things.

All things are chemical.

Introduce a new chemical to a composition.
(We do, in so many ways,
consciously sometimes, even.)

It breaks through familiar reactions,
changing patterns,
creating new,
forming new paths,
becoming…something else.

It feels so nice to be high.

To change the natural chemical balance
is to become something new –
something fundamentally different
from the original state.

How often,
how often?

Over a period of time,
the composition will develop,
evolve itself,
mostly on the basis of the introduction to new chemicals,
which creates reaction,
which creates new states of being
(even food evolves us – changes us) –

if we were wise and strong,
we would understand,
and use the gifts before us,
and suffer less…


people don’t get high to evolve…
people get high to fly…………

far, far away.

To abandon their natural state –
their thoughts,
their feelings,
their lives.


In a land of magic and madness and wonder.


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