Never Mention The Sex

Random scathing attempts to disarm
Disquieting in the silence
I can’t trust your words
While you cling to mine
I am

Boredom and agitation simmer low
On unstable heat
Broken promises and empty speeches
Boil over,
Impurities rise to the top
To be skimmed
And left in the trash

That’s where your effort belongs
Your careless disregard
Your lack of respect and consideration
Your cowardly jaw

You owe me nothing
You say
I am a stranger
My request for consideration is mocked by your jaded angle
Accusing me
Twisting everything to fit your desire
To believe it is a catch phrase
My male entitlement

Fools and cruelty
Lightning changes over simple pebbles in your path
Your composition crumbles
As you begin to flake
Judgment bubbling and begging
To be imposed
To paint the picture you want to see
So you can believe
You’re justified in your intolerance

Your ignorance is not ignored
We all see through your glass slipper
Clear as crystals
We all see and agree
Because it’s easy

You’ve missed so many boats
You only know how to be alone

Judge me before you know me
And move on
In silence
Start a conversation
Like a ghost
Then disappear without a reason
Judge before you even come close
To approaching the truth
Then disappear
A cowardly ghost
With no explanation
Or consideration
For the hand reaching out
To hold you

Seeking each other out
Over fire and wire
Seeing each other
Through magic mirrors
We will dance in the fire
And never feel higher
And when the day dies
You will be gone from my world



    1. Wow. Thx. I actually just scribbled this down directly into the WordPress app about 10 minutes ago. I don’t usually post anything new, but lately my last few posts have been quick little ideas freshly pressed for the blog.

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