Who Controls Your Auto Tune

One need only look at
The chanting mob
To see the stupidity and weakness
Of humanity

The universe
Is a humorous

Sweet broken heart of mine
Please die
Sweet hopeless thoughts of mine

Farewell fairweather
You were never better than
A passing glance
Now all those years are gone
Lost to longing
Lost to waiting
All those long dead years
For something better

I carry you on my shoulders
And if I folded
You would fall
And break the mold
That makes you whole
That makes you full

You would empty
Into the earth
A lost river
Gone forever
You would not flow
Without my ocean
Telling you where to go
Cutting your path
So you know
Without having to grow

You are just a shell
And if you listen close
It’s my ocean roaring
Deep inside your well

How do you think I know
What choice is right, which way to go
I don’t have some magic globe
There was no distant land of wisdom
Giving me the answers
To all the things I need to know

Why do you need me?

I don’t need you
To choose for me
I don’t need you
To set me free
I don’t need you
To show me what’s true

I don’t need you

I want you
To be

Do you understand me?


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