I Can Feel It Spinning Underneath Me

I spend so much time
In boxes
So much time
Locked up
In rooms
In walls and roofs


Streets for dull grey miles
Pale and void of life
Of smiles
Concrete maze of indifference

I forget the majestic power
Of a brightly coloured
Softly heaving landscape
Looming hazy and inviting
In the distance

Bugs swirling in the wind
The scent of flowers
And fresh growth
A subtle touch to the nose
To the tongue
It speaks in foreign words

Long forgotten days
Like children’s laughter
Back when it was
Echoing joyous elation
Before it became a sneering invitation
For pain

Remember when
We didn’t hate everything?

Naked and shameless
Broken but painless
In the size of it

Raging now
Locked in it
Waiting to be breaking
Through the wall



  1. It has been far too long, I immediately recognized your writing.
    I have moved hosts a little while back by the way, I’m at cyanidealtar DOT COM

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha. My friends tell me they can immediately recognize my writing. Apparently I speak similar to how I write. One face for all.

      I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. Got a virus that encrypted all my files recently. Lost a lot of photography, but no writing. Not posting for a couple weeks, I think I lost 2 of my 5 readers. Haha. Funny how fragile it all is.

      I’ll check out your new blog. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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