The Little Death

Basking in the afterglow of your scent
Glowing song in my lung
I am a dream floating on a memory of last night

How easily
You will extinguish me
A simple word and the illusion shatters
Revealing the cold surface of reality

A broken bruise
Was a flaming heart
Born out of fire
Incinerated by the heat
And collapsing

And your song turns to dust in my mouth

Is the tune of life
The echo of humanity
The frailty of existence
The lie on your lips

You allowed me to taste your honey
Knowing you were coming
Only for yourself
Leaving me on the brink
About to burst
Into song
Leaving me to destroy myself
When you’re gone

You indulged in my gifts
Knowing you would never lift a finger
To find me
Once I fell from your sight

I did not see the truth that night
I did not read your silence right
I did not hear your selfish slight
Fooled again
The broken man
Tasted life then lost the light

How easily
Your memory
Poured into me
So happily
Then suddenly
Washed over me
Surprising me
With misery

I will carry your memory

Another sad stone
To weigh down my bones
To break down my soul

Just another false hope
To put behind me


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