Sour Graves for Grapes

I have a demon in my shadow
A tick just under skin
I crawl toward the warm light
And just like last time
Burns again

We scream as if joy was us laughing
As if we aren’t crashing
All of us blasted
Never seeing the last thing
On the way out

We’re hard enough
We could be tough
But we’re not

We’re good enough
It could be love
But it’s not

We’re smart enough
We could be right
But we’re not

Ignore the smoke…

Everywhere I go
This shadow burns me
Drives me
Learns me

And it knows
When to go for the throat
Rocking the boat
Hoping I go over

Laughing at my torment

Then throws me a bone
To keep me going

Rage and disappointment
Sex and drugs and making dents
Closing vents
Drowning out the voices
Beating down my choices
Leaving me a long list
Filling me with hollowness
I walk away and always miss
The exit

Never ends
This madness



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