Trick Or Treat?

I sit alone in a room

My hollow words
And good intentions
My promised story

But she is not a story
She is not an old memory
To look back on
Through this lonely night
She is a song
To be sung into the mouth of eternity
A beat of my breast
To join the rest
The precious treasures
My scarlet letters
Discarded by the heartless
To fall into my arms and
Be a song to cherish always
I stand alone in her eyes
The deep succulence of her soul
Her tongue in my mouth
Beautifully crafted moment of joy
She sculpts herself into my arms
An artist drawing perfect lines
With skilled intention
And confident motion
I’m lost to a spell
As my mouth tastes her potion
She is a song
My lips sing on her skin
Eternal kiss you call sin
Is salvation within
I am born as I enter
Wings on fire
While I flower
I let go
In the fire
Burn alive in her desire
I am God on her alter
She will drink me in
Her water
As I rise up from her power
She will make me
Ignite me
A God amongst kings
A flight without wings
She will bring me
To my knees
As I clutch the crown she brings
For me to worship
From her throne
Where she keeps me
Where I shall sing
Into the mouth of her eternity…

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