Johnny Is Rotten

He will eat you

A snack
A lacking joke
A long smoke
A broken joe

A note

A lost boat
A monster for you
To run from

You won’t let go
Of the comfortable rope
You are not strong
You cannot fight

His arms

‎Embrace your will
His dangerous charms
Come to feed

You’re not strong

You won’t last
Your weak disarm
Makes his alarm

No help is coming for you

He will break you
Soft as yoke
Old soul
Hungry and told you’re strong

You’re not.
Old joke

He will eat you

Spit out your soul
Eat up what little worth you have
Beat out the troll

You keep hidden behind the curtain
Thinking certain you’re safe
Think you’re worth it
He’ll wait
Think you’re thirsty
His bait
Stupid human

Worth…what. Wait…

On his altar
You wait
To be special
To be bait
To be something
More than weight

To be

You fall on his altar
Crying father
And lose everything
Give it up to him
His monster

It waits
He told you.

Hungry mouth tastes the bait…

Ugly truth takes the cake
And eats it
Fake and loud
And always proud of it
Eats it.

No one cares.
Beats it
To silence


To science.

You lose
Because you lied and…

Fed his fucking monster

You Rockstar
Show him how special you are
While he  devours all that you think you are
And eats your stars

Like candy

(Happy Valentine
Now you’re forever mine)

*Read while listening to the album,  Uncle Acid- Night Creeper. For full effect. Happy holidays.


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