Dogs Trying To Be Gods

Words are wind

The nature of the beast
Is to trick or treat
And then eat the meat

Digging my claws
Into all the moms and pops
And I can see
The running joke
The ruining road

So much to give
So little given
Here we go
My friend

He fucking rocks it
That old moment
By another hand
He makes it sing
He makes it stand
He’s not the hand
But voices the command

And we fall in line
Nodding heads
Holding hands

Lovers of love
But we never understand
And every time
It’s born again
It lives again
Until we kill it


I remember the day my grandma died
I remember her breath on the day she died
I told you I’m fine and I lied
I seem like I’m brave but I hide
I smell that smell from inside…


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