We All Love The Devil Here


Sell the yellow flame
In the young

Burn your truth into my lungs

Bend the mold
To fit the old
Into the new
Out of the youth

Yellow, red to blood once blue

Watching all the broken faces
Lost in places
Made for races
Circle round in endless paces
Going nowhere

To be born anew


So delicate
This indirect
Whisper on your tongue
So decadent
This eloquence
Expired in your lungs

You look at me
So desperately
You cling to me
To keep from falling
Off your feet

I watch you watching
On the streets
Wait for me to look away
To steal my meat

Then blame me
For all the things you failed to be


When we interact in public
We smile at each other
‎We learned to fake it
From our mothers

The cowardice of all the fathers

Strangers breaking silence
In the crowd
To keep the violence

Don’t look away
Don’t look at me
I’m not your friend
I’m not a treat

I’m just another unknown man

An enemy

Until we can
See ourselves
In mirrors
Break the glass that blocks our hands
From holding


Is all I see
Masked by friendly

Pretending that the sunny day
Is all we need to find our way

Pretending that reality
Is filled with goodness,
And courtesy

Is insincere

Your friendly face is incomplete

Broken down humanity
Indifference fed by misery
Until the hatred comes to be
The only thing we really see
Hidden deep and festering

And now there’s nothing left of me
But fear and violence eating me


It’s all gone wrong

But we still sing and play along
To hide the truth inside a song
Pretending that there’s nothing wrong…

It’s nothing new
All these things I say to you

There’s no more hope
For me and you


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