The Black Hand Of Villainy

I don’t know why
You think I’m a hero
Here I am chillin’
I’m riddled with lies

I don’t even try
You give me the mantle
And I grip the handle
With both bloody hands

You’ve loved me
Since I touched you on the inside
Every one
Every time
It’s so easy
To manipulate
Your eager eyes

They always die
Every time
They don’t know why
They’ve waited
As we all wait
As we’ve all waited…

To look in their lives
And be part of the crime
And I will die
Before I let my eyes
Condemn my mind

When I look in your eyes
I feel lies

I know mine

I am hatred in my heart
A monumental fucking start
To misery
And all its company
An army
For me

For me!

There’s no preparing
For what comes next.

I am a truth
That murders lies
And we all know
What builds our lives

I’m a villain
I’ve been chillin’
I’ve been telling all the children…

I’m a villain
I’ve been killin’
I’ve been teaching all the children…

*(repeat ad nauseum)


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