Ted Talks To A Wall Of Noise

Don’t you think it’s time you stopped smiling like that.
Where’d you learn to smile like that, anyway?

Laugh in the face of the idea of hope.
Mock the idea of truth.
See us animals as we are.

Petty, weak, wretched, cowardly,
beautiful, brilliant, irrational, inspiring,
pitiful, ignorant, dishonest beasts –
rendering ourselves to mindless idiocy
and displaying ourselves as a cruel, obscene joke on the universe.

The stench of laziness and idle hands.

Stagnant flesh.

That’s most of us –
hiding in our lives,
allowing the 24 hour non-stop clock to gouge away
the entire planets resources
and doom the future.

Don’t mistake this for a hateful,
or judgemental statement.
I’m not so lost to despair as that.

This is just the ugly truth about our lives,
the same truth that everyone is trying desperately to avoid,

See no evil, hear no…

Don’t you love any more?
Do you know the meaning of…hate –
all in a simultaneous moment.
Yin yang, you could say.
Double helix.

Find inspiration and beauty in the most loathsome,
most pathetic, vile, disgusting humans
who walk the earth.

I’m touched by curiosity with every eye I gaze upon.
Every unique creature –
the same as I,
but always so alien and infinitely different.

Every perspective is a new universe.

If one chooses, one can be astounded,
amazed and amused
by even the most idiotic,
or even putrid examples of the most horrific of human endeavours –
even the destruction of ourselves,
and the entire world with us.

I am alive
and a part of the holy madness
that is ever so slowly chipping away at the foundation
that holds the human race in a cage
of blind,
inexplicable fear –
and I am deeply saddened to be a witness to such times.

I will not kid myself.
I am alive
in an age more profound and terrifying
than any other in the history of time (that we know, of course).

I stand stark in the midst of the tremendous monoliths
of a once depicted,
fantastic sci-fi future.

I am part of the last story ever told,
waiting patiently,
for the long anticipated ending to roll out before us
and expose our doom.

I love the intrigues and fancies of this shining, metallic future
of lights and dreams,
but one day the earth will crack
under all this constant, unsustainable pressure,
torn open to spew and belch out
all the filth we have so carelessly buried beneath our feet.

Look for me.
I’ll be in the clouds, watching you try to hide from yourself.


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