Month: September 2016

The Passive Wolf And The Pile Of Bones

Music is my master
Says Alice
The malice evident in the way she holds her head
In her hands

My heartbeat is faster when I’m moving with the grains of sand



Rose The Liquid Boy (excerpt #3)

It would be impossible to describe the event in the woods beyond the point of the boys abrupt and terrifying departure and the moment in which Rose found himself sitting atop the ancient willow, next to his friend, Leaf, gazing vacantly over the swelling, vibrant landscape. It would be impossible, for it was a time that Rose, himself, would never recount.

“Terrified, you say? He just jumped up and ran away?” the wizard pondered to the vacant sky. He spoke slowly, as if focused on each word individually. It was rare, indeed, that he even spoke at all. He turned in close to Rose. “You touched his mind? This was today?”

“I tell you, I don’t know, my friend. I fear this brings haunted dreams. I feel as if a shadow follows me. How did I make this madness,” Rose asked unto his knees.

The wizard looked gently upon his desperate friend.

“Your stone, you fool. You know the rule. You left it behind. You found a mind not meant to find. I felt it, too. I’m sure that I need not remind you how we set right a thing of this kind?” the wizard said with a stern eye.

“Set it right. Yes. I know. We must set it right. Right away. How? You know? I beg of you, Leaf, help me think. I’m quite frighteningly mad. Quite delirious, yes, and I must fix this nightmare. You know! Yes, I knew you would.” Rose babbled desperately.

“What you must do, you won’t forget. You won’t enjoy. Afraid you’ll have to kill the boy,” said the wizard, staring off into the pulsating blue sky.