Beyond The Inevitable Fade


I crave to break apart the box
Rearrange the parts
It leaves my mark

Compelled to break apart the laws
Disassemble right and wrong
Rewrite your songs

Erase your lines
(Rewrite your lies)

I’ve walked through your labyrinth
It made me sick
Your indirection

I watch you in a window, waiting
Hoping you’re that special one
To me

Ego glowing


Why haven’t we changed
From our archaic ways
What makes us cling to
Living this way?

Lay me down and wrap me around
A wet blanket weighed the same as
All the blood wasted
And claimed in the name of
Anyone who fits the plan

I don’t know who falls
When it’s all of us
On The wall


I see your boxes and your longing
To break them apart
To remind you how cathartic
It can be to breathe

Tradition holds us tightly locked
Refusal of any growth beyond it
And we flaunt it
Special flag, oh we adorn it
Trapped in our minds…


Do you feel the need to be
That singular, special, perfect thing to me
Why do you have to bleed
The weakness of your ego
All over me

Fucking love yourself
Try it for a day
See if you can carry that weight
Stop talking
Shut up
Do it it today


There’s a thousand worlds beyond
The one repeating suburban loop
You and your group

Why do you insist
On making choices when the voices
Have been screaming NO!

I smoked a million cigarettes
And never got past my regrets

Get over yourself
Your pain isn’t wealth
It isn’t some cherished personal thing

You’re not fucking special
No matter how big the promise
The ring


Your fantasy
Will bleed into monotony
You’ll want what you should not
And then
You’ll question your morality
And you will will lose your certainty

The shadows start to breed
a thousand versions of your greed
Your ego supercedes
And you will lose yourself to me
and then repeat

You’re not alone
You’re not the only one thing
To anyone

Your fantasy
Will lead to disappointment


I know, as you know, as we all know
what it feels like
Just fucking get over yourself

You’re not fucking special
You’re not unique at all
You’re just like the rest
Just a fucking shadow at best

Just a shell of what could have been
The best fucking thing that you could be

Instead you curl inside yourself
Pathetic shell hiding away
On a forgotten shelf

Goodnight, goodbye, my love…


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