Fear The Weakest Leader

This is retrograde
Low grade
Thought wave
Stretched in skin
Cleansed by thin vision
And hollow slave pay


Not true at all
No deliberation
No control

This is a crash course in madness
It does not stop
It does not let up
It is always pushing toward

The volume alarms me

Not that I lose my tongue
That I lose my place
My space ?

Placement in rhythm with the rhyme
Discord makes strange sounds
As we all should know

Why speak at all, then?

Like singing songs
Along with the gongs of chaos
To rise into that light and claim
Our eyes can bear the sight
Of right and wrong

Right or wrong ?

Discord is no discord
Lovely song
Of course

We are liars !

We are singing this unstoppable song
Who asked for it ?

Take a seat
And watch us feast
On your final sorrow


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