Tradition Stagnates Growth and Evolution

The typical opinion of what a relationship should be
seems to be a perverse,
self-serving ideal.

Most often,
from what I see around me,
they become quite horrible –
or quite horribly dull.

Expectation and promises ruin everything.

People don’t seem to be able to simply enjoy.
Loneliness seems to be what drives people.
Seek desperately,
only to suck dry what you find,
all the while hiding and lying.
No fun in that.

The sex gets boring fast, too.

I think true nature acts without questions,
no demands,
no expectations –
only the enjoyment of the company,
the experience –
or nothing.

pledges and promises
are the vain, possessive, manipulative methods of foolish,
frightened and sad,
lonely humans.

I know what I want from others,
and it has nothing to do with possession,
or a plea for help,
or even loneliness.

Relationships don’t cure loneliness –
not for me.
They give me sexual comfort and spiritual bonding,
but in the end,
I’m still my own vessel following my own path.

If you end up on the same path as me,
then perhaps,
we hang out while we’re moving in the same direction,
but we’re still on our own paths,
and if they change directions separately,
we part and take our own path,

or we compromise our peace and happiness.

I’m sure that monogamy does happen in a pure state sometimes.
Nothing is impossible.

People are infinitely different
in their pleasures and desires.
Some people can continue to grow from each others presence
and will feel no need for anyone else.
It happens – but it shouldn’t be a standard.

It doesn’t happen that often.


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