The Grand Blueprint of a Black Hole

Flipping switches
My God
Can you believe
The white blindness
When you try

Can you believe
All the lies that claim to be eyes
Of the mind of God
Can you believe me
Call me wise

My God

You believe your own mind
Your ideas
Your things you call true

Values, virtues

The regime of feelings
Teach me how to feel about sex, war, rules and art
Teach me how to ignore my heart
To control my heart
So that my personality can be creative art

Constructed moral feelings
Bloom from other times
Other minds
Asking why
And answering with lies

Pictures to die for

The science of labeling this thought
To give a name, to define something that cannot
Be defined
In a single mind

Preciously we cling because that’s all we have

We turn them into facts
To act as an illusory mask

(As if even physics were an absolute truth
Though the very roots
Of this idea
Stem from the human perception of the thing
Instead of from the thing itself –
As if to say
You can see from my perspective
As if it were your own…)

Go ahead – try very hard
Always tired
Always playing cards
With the heart
Always confusing the thought
Before it starts to process
The moment

Wasting time
Waiting for the crime of the century


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