Play Thing Of The God King

You touched it
Now you have to name it

Reconstructing the ambivalent doorway
Redirecting the light waves
Peeling back the skin
For you

Touch it
Before the swelling wanes
Keep it alive
In the fresh light

Rebuild the anticipation
With your house of cards
Balance the suicide king on my breath
And wait for it to fall
It will all come tumbling down
With a simple whisper of your name

Surrender me
I am a toy for you to carve
I am a joy to keep you from starving
I won’t be alarmed
When you harm me
I’m armored
With my own disease
You’re just a breeze
To flavour me

The same to you
With my flavour on your tongue

Parallel becomes the knot to be undone
Isn’t it fun

Killing time turning tricks


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