Concentration Camp On Wheels

Machines of God


This is the same
Walked through a new door

Still waiting

I want to blame
I’ve got nothing to say
I’m walking down these halls of shame
Right beside you
Just behind you
Think you’d have something to say

I’m blind
In the eyes of you
You’re clueless
In the valley of fools
I’m you
Fuck you
Yeah, you know it, too

You look so used


What am I to do
Take a job
Be a tool
Screaming fuck you

You do it, too

That won’t do
That’s not cool
At all

Look at you
Dull and droll
Playing fool
For dough

Playing ho
Dull and droll

Look at me
It’s too easy
To be breezy these days

So many ways to be lazy
Getting by is too easy
So many ways to be sleazy
So easy to be greedy

Pardon me
I didn’t mean
Feel free

It’s so easy

All this time on our hands
Clean and polished
Trimmed and perfect
To be demolished

Mostly cruel
Like you
Pushing stools
Feeling rude

Mostly hostile
Aiming crossbows
At your heart

Mostly juvenile
Taking part
To break apart
The rules

I’m not human
I’m a tool
I’m not me
Performance rules

Animal is rude

I’m an animal
I’m afraid of
Being an animal

Dull and droll
Playing ho
I don’t know

Dead end eyes
On my mind


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