The Fuckboy Twitch

Sittin’ at the sex clinic
Swiping on Tinder
Hottie sits across from me
Starin’ at my finger

Gotta get off
Gotta get off
Gotta get outta here

So many girls
So many worlds
To enter

So many moments
For my magic fucking finger

Why, why, why,
why, why, why, why
Does she entice my lusting eyes…

Dust, disease, rash, relief
Nothing ever stops me

I’m filled and quenched and satisfied
Exhausted, fucked and pacified

I’ve eaten so much pie
That I’m permanently high
And I want more

Why, why, why, why,
why, why, why…

My monster lust
It must
Envelope you in carnal trust
Consume you, bond in sweat and musk

It needs you willing on your knees
Enthusiastic smiling treat
It needs you soft so whimper please
Beg for me

And I will give you what you need

Submit yourself before my beast
And we will break the monsters free

You look through me with smiles and say…

Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I have diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs

And you go down
I start to swell

I’ll never fight
I’ll never tell
The softness swells…

Birthday twist
The hammer hits
And breaks the bell

Keep it sweet

Modern metro sexandgo


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