A Little Something To Get Through The Work Day

Single minded ecstasy
So simply twist the memory

So friendly

Self-centering reality
In single minded memory

Intentions bent on bending
Intentional pretending

To create the eyes in mind
In the eyes
Of the sky

Performances for you and I
But mostly for the eye

Performances by I and you
To prove
That we can be
Like you
That we can do it
Just to prove
My love for you

For me…

Single minded entropy
Building layers carelessly
That fall apart relentlessly

Lost in the mess of an empty room
Drowning the seed
While trying to bloom
Summon the will
Then give up too soon

Friendly, now
Take the pill

I will
I am
My will
Is jammed
Between the rock and your hard face

Can’t place my mind
On these lines

Can’t face my mind
While claiming these lies are mine


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