He’s Just Another Pop Song

Alternate Title:  Advice From The Legion Of Overlord Mothers

Labyrinth your way toward the straight line
If you think it will help you find
My way

And I’ll be sure to promise
Not to follow

Don’t worry about me
In the secret pit sunshine blindness
I see fine

Mine, the liquid whispers defined
In lines to feed the channels
Exquisite map upon my mind

Not yours

Whore my eyes with your mind
Because you pushed it away
And then you went blind

Don’t worry about me
The hushed violence of this christmas landscape
Can see straight through me

Blistered eyes you have to live with yourself
All the pretty lights that you could find
Couldn’t save you from the blindness

Decorate the lines
With the tension of lies

Disappear behind the shining

Pretend your eyes, your lips say you’re fine
As you tremble inside

Don’t show me I can’t show you

Relate to me
A parody
Of your heart

Paint your face for masquerade
For shame
For shape

(Ego stroke me in the morning
Bow before my greatest glory
I will be the brightest light
I will be the center of the awe of sight
I will be the nucleus mind
And lead the way

The discontented army always gathers
To play the game
To leave their name in stone)



Open wide the bathroom eyes
Before the blinding white
Let it burn apart your mind
Disintegrate your insides

Try to die
For good old times
And white lies
Just one more time
Release the skin, incinerate within
To purify your eyes

Android liar!
Sing the song that echoes from your own secret void

Maybe you will see something inside
That doesn’t lie
And stop hiding it

Feel something inside
And follow it

Maybe then you’ll go your own way
Not mine


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