The Void Beyond The Red Carpet

(*Alternate title* The Magnificent Tomb)

This is the moment
It has always been
Beg for salvation
With the eyes of dying youth

Fading breath of desperation
We will not survive
We will draw the line
Beyond this eternal frame

To immobilize the terror of anxiety
In silence
We will hide from the void
And be left blind
By the cries of the whining youth

Beg for salvation
With lazy limbs
And empty heart

Demand the prize
While refusing to be alive

“No justice
Found in tombstone eyes
And cancelled minds”

Command with lies
To justify
The stagnant life of catered survival

Retire the spirit on ice

Crying want
A flaunt of formless voice
The eager wager the flight for fancy
Leaving entrails of dirt
And claims of gold
To fill the hole

Trick the soul
Into submission

Ask me not
I will watch myself
Growing slower
Receding into empty dark
Not for want
But lack of heart

The eyes grow cold
Opening the flower fold
To extinguish the light
Of god

To secure
The stagnant void

To become
The impenetrable coward


Once we had to fight for life
If we hoped to survive
Now we fight for nothing
While we wait to die


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