The Fuckboy Twitch

Sittin’ at the sex clinic
Swiping on Tinder
Hottie sits across from me
Starin’ at my finger

Gotta get off
Gotta get off
Gotta get outta here



Abasement Of The Masochist

Deep this wound’s revealing
I’ve kept myself from any feeling

I’ve kept myself from ever healing…


Beyond The Inevitable Fade


I crave to break apart the box
Rearrange the parts
It leaves my mark


Birthday Sex And The Bird

It’s my birthday. 12 days past Christmas. I’m going to cook my first turkey dinner today, by myself. The ocean is roaring in comfortable silence on the other side of town. The night before I picked up all the ingredients and brined the bird. Brining is simple and makes the meat very moist and tender. I dumped the 12 lb turkey into a double-bagged garbage bag, poured in about 24 cups of water and 2 cups of salt, then left it in the back entrance of our house overnight, which is always very cold. Maybe I left it in the snow in the backyard, actually. Good luck trying to put the beast back into the fridge, in any case…a cooler usually works best.

Plum-Glazed Roast Turkey Dinner with Spinach, Bacon and Cashew Stuffing and Roasted, Stuffed Onions