Johnny 23 Breaks His Mind

I’m working on a fairly large scale children’s book series that will be a sort of sci fi social mirror of our world, with a cast of interesting characters on a quest for a promised hope. It will be unique – 23 books in the series, with storyboard type illustrations. I’m at the world building stage, with a rough outline for the first three books, about half a dozen main characters fleshed out with real personalities, and a general overview of the entire arch of the full story.  If any artists are interested in working with me on the book, contact me here.  I plan in involve many different artists in the illustration side of the series.

Year 1:
The Pact
The Fractured Dawn
The Key To The False Door

This excerpt is a rough draft of the opening scene of Book 1, The Pact:



Note To Self: Destruction

How long can a person stagnate
In a single repeating loop
Before they lose themselves
Before they dissolve completely
Into the way
They have paved


The Void Beyond The Red Carpet

(*Alternate title* The Magnificent Tomb)

This is the moment
It has always been
Beg for salvation
With the eyes of dying youth


The Degeneration of Love


Broken colours
In shards of light



The Fuckboy Twitch

Sittin’ at the sex clinic
Swiping on Tinder
Hottie sits across from me
Starin’ at my finger

Gotta get off
Gotta get off
Gotta get outta here


Fantasyland Of The Optimist

This is my world of make believe
I’ll make you believe
And then you will see