Short Stories

Johnny 23 Breaks His Mind

I’m working on a fairly large scale children’s book series that will be a sort of sci fi social mirror of our world, with a cast of interesting characters on a quest for a promised hope. It will be unique – 23 books in the series, with storyboard type illustrations. I’m at the world building stage, with a rough outline for the first three books, about half a dozen main characters fleshed out with real personalities, and a general overview of the entire arch of the full story.  If any artists are interested in working with me on the book, contact me here.  I plan in involve many different artists in the illustration side of the series.

Year 1:
The Pact
The Fractured Dawn
The Key To The False Door

This excerpt is a rough draft of the opening scene of Book 1, The Pact:



The Void Beyond The Red Carpet

(*Alternate title* The Magnificent Tomb)

This is the moment
It has always been
Beg for salvation
With the eyes of dying youth


The Degeneration of Love


Broken colours
In shards of light



The Fuckboy Twitch

Sittin’ at the sex clinic
Swiping on Tinder
Hottie sits across from me
Starin’ at my finger

Gotta get off
Gotta get off
Gotta get outta here


Fantasyland Of The Optimist

This is my world of make believe
I’ll make you believe
And then you will see


Further Beyond the Fear Barrier

*Excerpt from the second part of a series of short stories, with the working title:


He perched finally on a large rock jutting out of the thrashing golden water, just off the beach. He tucked his wings tight against himself to shield from the chill wind. The altar stood deserted behind him, but he paid no mind to it, or to anything else. The hypnotic, breathing sea held his captivation. In the beginning he’d wanted to ascend Oblivion Hill and confront the mythical gates of the dream temple, but the very thought sparked a terror within that left him paralyzed. In the end the decision had been made for him, for he came to rest on that stone without even realizing where he’d been heading.


Beyond The Fear Barrier

*Excerpt from part one of a series of short stories, with the working title,

After Life

He sat stale and hard; his gaze transfixed on the empty white wall. His last movie screen. His projector ceased to turn – it’s parts run dry and stiff. No longer was there a shining light beaming from his lens eyes, projecting images before him.
The machine was cold and without content.

It was a peaceful enough departure. He’d been in a fantasy, a waking dream, and suddenly he just knew. The moment was upon him. Hazy, almost, and calm. He felt no panic, no fear – possibly because he had not the energy to spend on such a performance, even if he chose to.  Visions coursed through him, travelling beyond form, beyond reason – searching.


The cycle brought itself around full. His body slowly washed into cold numbness, and in a gradually fading light, his thoughts dimmed and all went white.


Beyond The Inevitable Fade


I crave to break apart the box
Rearrange the parts
It leaves my mark


Rose The Liquid Boy (excerpt #3)

It would be impossible to describe the event in the woods beyond the point of the boys abrupt and terrifying departure and the moment in which Rose found himself sitting atop the ancient willow, next to his friend, Leaf, gazing vacantly over the swelling, vibrant landscape. It would be impossible, for it was a time that Rose, himself, would never recount.

“Terrified, you say? He just jumped up and ran away?” the wizard pondered to the vacant sky. He spoke slowly, as if focused on each word individually. It was rare, indeed, that he even spoke at all. He turned in close to Rose. “You touched his mind? This was today?”

“I tell you, I don’t know, my friend. I fear this brings haunted dreams. I feel as if a shadow follows me. How did I make this madness,” Rose asked unto his knees.

The wizard looked gently upon his desperate friend.

“Your stone, you fool. You know the rule. You left it behind. You found a mind not meant to find. I felt it, too. I’m sure that I need not remind you how we set right a thing of this kind?” the wizard said with a stern eye.

“Set it right. Yes. I know. We must set it right. Right away. How? You know? I beg of you, Leaf, help me think. I’m quite frighteningly mad. Quite delirious, yes, and I must fix this nightmare. You know! Yes, I knew you would.” Rose babbled desperately.

“What you must do, you won’t forget. You won’t enjoy. Afraid you’ll have to kill the boy,” said the wizard, staring off into the pulsating blue sky.