The Degeneration of Love


Broken colours
In shards of light




Fantasyland Of The Optimist

This is my world of make believe
I’ll make you believe
And then you will see


Abasement Of The Masochist

Deep this wound’s revealing
I’ve kept myself from any feeling

I’ve kept myself from ever healing…


Tradition Stagnates Growth and Evolution

The typical opinion of what a relationship should be
seems to be a perverse,
self-serving ideal.


Beyond The Inevitable Fade


I crave to break apart the box
Rearrange the parts
It leaves my mark


The Passive Wolf And The Pile Of Bones

Music is my master
Says Alice
The malice evident in the way she holds her head
In her hands

My heartbeat is faster when I’m moving with the grains of sand


Nothing Is Yours To Keep – Chapter 1

xxxxxJohnny was wandering around the backyard. He was looking at sticks, picking up sticks, kicking shit. The stick was a perfect adventure tool. He stamped the one he carried into the grass with each step, like a wizard staff of tremendous power and weight. He leaned on it as he gazed toward the center of the acre, where a large boulder sat beside the blackened remains of a wide, circular fire pit. The afternoon sun glinted off the chrome and steel of the old cars beyond the rock, marooned in the farthest reaches of the long, narrow property.