short story

The Fuckboy Twitch

Sittin’ at the sex clinic
Swiping on Tinder
Hottie sits across from me
Starin’ at my finger

Gotta get off
Gotta get off
Gotta get outta here



Beyond The Inevitable Fade


I crave to break apart the box
Rearrange the parts
It leaves my mark


Rose The Liquid Boy (excerpt #3)

It would be impossible to describe the event in the woods beyond the point of the boys abrupt and terrifying departure and the moment in which Rose found himself sitting atop the ancient willow, next to his friend, Leaf, gazing vacantly over the swelling, vibrant landscape. It would be impossible, for it was a time that Rose, himself, would never recount.

“Terrified, you say? He just jumped up and ran away?” the wizard pondered to the vacant sky. He spoke slowly, as if focused on each word individually. It was rare, indeed, that he even spoke at all. He turned in close to Rose. “You touched his mind? This was today?”

“I tell you, I don’t know, my friend. I fear this brings haunted dreams. I feel as if a shadow follows me. How did I make this madness,” Rose asked unto his knees.

The wizard looked gently upon his desperate friend.

“Your stone, you fool. You know the rule. You left it behind. You found a mind not meant to find. I felt it, too. I’m sure that I need not remind you how we set right a thing of this kind?” the wizard said with a stern eye.

“Set it right. Yes. I know. We must set it right. Right away. How? You know? I beg of you, Leaf, help me think. I’m quite frighteningly mad. Quite delirious, yes, and I must fix this nightmare. You know! Yes, I knew you would.” Rose babbled desperately.

“What you must do, you won’t forget. You won’t enjoy. Afraid you’ll have to kill the boy,” said the wizard, staring off into the pulsating blue sky.


Rose The Liquid Boy (excerpt #2)

It could be said that Rose awoke a short time before the coming of the dawn on the fateful day, if, of course you could believe he did sleep in the conventionally known manner of sleeping. There is, however, no way of knowing what state a dreamweaver succumbs to when their energies grow weak (if they ever do). It’s said that they depart wholly from earth and travel through strange and unknown chasms and vortices across the shadowy universe; that they dissolve their tangible forms and roam endlessly through aeons of time before time as vaporous entities.


Rose The Liquid Boy

Excerpt from the short story, Rose The Liquid Boy


Once upon a time, in the very land you live, the world was very strange. To say upon which time the world was strange might prove to be rather difficult, so I’ll just say that it was somewhere close to six hundred million years before the existence of memory, or possibly, two billions years from now. You see my reluctance. Some might even try to convince you that the time has always been right now. Nevertheless, the world was (is) very strange.
The land blossomed to the horizons with breathless valleys, seas of golden desert cascades, graceful rolling grasslands, and endless, ancient forests. It was healthy and clean – and strong. But this wilderness you might not recognize, for its wakefulness was so intense that it made manifest its spirits to sight. Within the ancient seas of forest and flourishing, mystic valleys the voice of the earth spoke, and watched over all that lived. It was a virgin, untouched world, and it was awake and singing.
There were also other things that dwelt in these lands – aside, of course, from the native animals. Things that were hidden away in the deepest shadows of the endless forests, and buried in the furthest corners of the valleys and mountains and deserts. Things that were always watching, and always whispering. Then, there were those who watched over the watchers, and all other things as well. It is said that they were once “caretakers”, but were fragmented in three by an unknown cause, when the mother earth was still one land. Of the three there were the Others, whom we will not speak of, and of course the ones who this story is about. We will call them dreamweavers – to help you comprehend them as entities.

Today, my friend, I share with you a small chapter in the life of Rose, the liquid boy. It’s a tale of a journey, as all great tales are. I will take you into a world beyond the outer reaches of the unplumbed imagination. It is the world of Rose. The world of dreamweavers.



The Awkwardness of Stranger Danger

xxxxxI can see it clearly on street level. I don’t even have to move. The faces approach whether I watch or not – but who can truly ignore such a scene. Choreographed stereotypes. It’s always the same. Like a wave in a sports stadium when the sidewalks get thick – the rise and then the nod, nearly fluid motion continuum, an unbroken chain.


The Destroyed Man Was Destroyed By Love

xxxxxThere are not fingers to get a grip on this emotional panic attack. It splashes over me in a sick wave without warning, immobilizing, squeezing the spirit to liquid, evaporating through my skin. Nothing remains but the heavy pain of unnameable hardness in my chest, my gut, this awful taste in my mouth.
xxxxxI put her face on it, for she is the root in my soul – though I know, in the back porch light of this raving vortex of mine, that it’s much older than the essence of her that I have etched so deeply into the tree of my inner life. The catalytic drink to bring the seed to bloom.


Birthday Sex And The Bird

It’s my birthday. 12 days past Christmas. I’m going to cook my first turkey dinner today, by myself. The ocean is roaring in comfortable silence on the other side of town. The night before I picked up all the ingredients and brined the bird. Brining is simple and makes the meat very moist and tender. I dumped the 12 lb turkey into a double-bagged garbage bag, poured in about 24 cups of water and 2 cups of salt, then left it in the back entrance of our house overnight, which is always very cold. Maybe I left it in the snow in the backyard, actually. Good luck trying to put the beast back into the fridge, in any case…a cooler usually works best.

Plum-Glazed Roast Turkey Dinner with Spinach, Bacon and Cashew Stuffing and Roasted, Stuffed Onions